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2-year-old African grey parrot with certificate and identification ring,very tame, great talker, whistles tunes, loves being out of her cage,will sit on your shoulder watching tv or helping with everyday tasks, will be sad to see her go, comes complete with large cage, food, and toys,must go to someone with plenty of time.For more inquiries Call or .
GFFHGFHJgikg Talking and singing pair of parrots 1 male and 1 female now ready for sale.For more info,Give us a call or text at contact us for more information 815 x 277 x 9012 Thanks .
Mimi is approximately 9 months old Macaw parrot. She is a little shy around other birds, but well socialized and friendly. She would make a great pet. Her beak is curved but she does just fine with it. Also email your phone number too if interested
Blue Fronted Amazon parrot will average from thirteen to fifteen inches in length. Its feathers are primarily green with darker green edges and a bright blue forehead. Its crown will often show blue and white feathers. They will also have bright yellow markings on the crown, cheeks and ears and their wings will often be red or a combination of red and yellow. Coloring is very variable on the Bl...
All the parrots will be sold with a hatch certificate and ID steel rings (close rung) on their legs and 24 hrs after care service for total peace of mind. I am happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have prior to purchasing regarding cages,housing, diet, or any other concern you may have i will be happy to help. I also have other baby parrots available.
Beautiful and talking Hyacinth Macaw parrots for a new home. Vet checked and micro chipped. Health and medical certificates from our vet. They whistle, sing and respond to voice commands.
There are some truly beautiful parrots on the planet, some small and some very large and quite intimidating birds. If you are new to the world of parrots, but are seriously thinking about sharing your home with a feathered friend, there are certain species which are known to be a lot more people-friendly than others, one of which is the lovely and affectionate cockatoo. Cockatoos These very att...
94536 year old male and female Cockatoo parrots for sale now. call or text (507x479x1095 with your email for more pictures and info
94536 Pair of Amazon Parrots for sale, tame & talking with right person. Not DNA sexed, price for bird only. Strictly no time wasters!! Will only respond to genuine enquiries! call or text 804x829x0450 with your email for more pictures and info
94536 year hyacinth macaw parrots They are very tame and will literally go to anyone and they don't bite ,they love to be with you and he is very cuddly,he talks ,call or text (762x218x2471 with your email for more pictures and info
We currently have birds for sale. 50% Off on all birds on our website so kindly get back to us if you are interested in one of our birds. Best way to contact us: http://www.reaviary.com/Contact%20Us.html ORDER NOW See availabe African Grey birds: http://www.reaviary.com/African%20Grey%20Parrots.html ORDER NOW See availabe Amazon birds: http://www.reaviary.com/Amazon%20Parrots.html ORDER NOW See...
Beatrice is a exquisite, peaceful pigeon who survived pigeon racing (barely). S/he was found grounded and taken to Silicon Valley Animal Care Center and when Palomacy rescued her, she was emaciated and unable to use her legs. It took weeks of supportive care (including daily hydrotherapy) for Beatrice to regain the ability to stand, walk & fly. We don't know her gender (no courtship behavior at...
Bolt is now a gorgeous young lady bird & a really flirty bird! She has had flings with a couple of suitors (very unusual) & is currently actively dating. She grew up in our care & while she is very dramatic & spooky sometimes, she can also be very relaxed if she's held just right & given head scritches. Bolt, along with her friend Bixby, were found by a great man on 8/9/17 who recognized the 2 ...
Icarus is a attractive young man Rock pigeon who was found, huddled up next to a building in the Marina district of SF as a fledgling with a wing freshly sheared off. The nice person that found him took him in to her care & kept him for a month before surrendering Icarus to Palomacy. With only 1 wing, he can't fly but he doesn't let that hold him back over much. He's a busy & confident pigeon &...
Wallace is a wonderful little black & white Tumbler of some sort who was found grounded on 9/1/17 in Santa Clara County. He's slowly gaining weight & strength but is still, even at the end of November, not fully recovered. We think he's male, currently single & spooky with people though given time & patience he'll likely get more comfortable.Please apply to adopt http://www.pigeonrescue.org/bir...
Peach and Pong are a good pair of Conures ready for a 2nd chance at a forever home. These lovely birds are friendly and hand trained and seem to like people. They are available for adoption because their person passed away. Peach is a Peach Front Conure and Pong is a Greek Cheek Conure. It would be good if they could be adopted together. Come in to meet them today. Peach A411770 and Pong A411769
2/2018 UPDATE: 3rd time's a charm! Poor little Priscilla has experienced a lot of loss in her life, but she has been given a 3rd chance at love with King Pigeon Sebastian. They are happily married and enjoy taking turns sitting on fake eggs toget...
Update 11/17/17: Snowdrop has been widowed. Her beloved Prince died unexpectedly. Snowdrop is a stunning little Homer (the kind bred, used and sometimes lost for a "dove release") that was rescued in a backyard sick, weak and starving by a great perso...
Bolt is now a lovely young lady bird & a really flirty bird! She has had flings with a couple of suitors (very unusual) & is currently actively dating. She grew up in our care & while she is very dramatic & spooky sometimes, she can also be very r...
Sebastian is a big, healthy, older King Pigeon who was found grounded on the streets of Livermore. He is married to Priscilla and loves her very much. She doesn't lay eggs anymore, so we slip a couple fake eggs under them for egg sitting which makes them very happy. They really prefer outside flock life, as they would prefer that we love and admire them from a distance. Please consider adopting...
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